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sales tax for four years. and it will raise the income tax for people earning $250,000 per year or more for seven years. this is the brainchild and backed by the pta would raise the income tax on most people in california for 12 years. it is one distinct difference. but the top one percent would pay for 78% of the revenue. the top one percent would pay for 44 percent of the revenue. >> there is also a difference on where the money goes. at least this year it would go into the general fund and then triggered funneled through a general education but proposition 38 would be specifically earmarked for school districts. legislators would not be able to use it to do with other budget problems which is good news for schools but could be bad news for the state. in the long run. but to choke up the revenue is tied to one purpose. but they are good purposes but we are in a physical crisis would want to put everything on the table and find out what is going to be able to trade out. >> if there are competing tropic propositions they often will both fail. but if they both -- pass the most votes woul
was paying principal and interest and now i'm able to pay principal, interest, and taxes and insurance and less for all of those each month. >> this nonprofit group is a need for assistance group of america and the provinces on the spot solutions for affordable mortgages. >> there is nothing like meeting face to face that you can meet with your lender. and having them side by side. >> based on their financial situation the will to a loan modification and presented to the blunders. most of them are here and it is free. the bank will pay all closing costs. >> we come here to meet our customer's faced to face and get their market is modified. commoditie%-80% our ss rate. >> now i'm able to make those payments, there is no doubt in my mind. >> there is a second chance to holding on to the american dream. san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> decision 2012. this new storm could cause big problems for the election day. still super stormy sandy but a number wintry storm could continue on election day. at this point is too difficult to pinpoint the severity or the timing. they are saying that if
restaurants. they will serve you a couple of courses, and a glass of wine or a desert fort under $40. tax and tap not included these are really hot texan -- gratuity not included. at $under 40. the method. >> affordable, reasonable, good value. this is also very generous. there is a reason why it is hard to get in here and people come here so often. >> proof positive you can stretch your dining dollar more than any other city in the world. by favorite is a fresh greek salad, and a nice cote de rhone.. aldon smitgo to our website, kron 4 .com. >> coming up dirty dirt. it might sound like an oxymoron. but that is exactly what is in west oakland coming up in my next edition of people behaving badly to read . >>pam: today's market update. with super storms sandy. let us take a look at the numbers. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also down on this friday. the highly anticipated jobs report brought mixed news. and this is the unemployment rate to the amount of 7.9 percent last month. that is up 7.8% in the month of september. however, the report also shows the economy added 171,000 jobs last month.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3